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LEGAL (legal service)

We provide full range of legal services, in other words, we are able to help you in all areas related to legal matter.

Our services including the following:

Legal Advice and Immediate Correspondence to specific cases including consultation to prevent and avoid damage that may arise in specific situation. Many of our clients choose to consult us with regular monthly fee to ensure that they would receive immediate response 7/24 with our wide range of support lawyers/consultants which we also provide service not only through phone call or face to face meeting, we catch up with the world with Facebook, Line, Whatsapp and other means our clients wish for. Furthermore, as we clearly stated that our lawyers are fluent in Thai, English and Mandarin so we do not have any language barriers when communicate.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution: Our people are expert in litigation since they work full-fledged at court for more than 20 years. We specialize in Civil & Commercial case and Family case including Criminal case which are in connection with Civil & Commercial case such as fraud, immigration and extradition request. Our Civil and Commercial litigation includes but not limited to tort, debt collection, breach of contract, employment, divorce, child custody, personal injury claims and so forth.

Notarization and Legalization: We also provide certification and notarization of documents including translation between Thai, English and Mandarin. Our translator is also law graduated so the language and understanding in the document will be translated correctly and complete. We ensure that you will receive the translated document with high quality of translation and correction. We also provide notarized service and assistance in legalization service at Thai Consular and each country’s embassies in order to process your document through official channel for usage in specific countries.

If you are interested in our services please let us know your need and requirement so we can assist you accordingly.